Thursday, December 09, 2010

Calling All REVOLUTIONARIES all across Malaysia - let's gather in June 2011!!

The following is written by Rev. Kenneth Chin, and taken from his Facebook page (click here).

There are over 300 Revolution groups - Recess & Campus Revo combined. Imagine if each had an average of 10 students, we would be a 3,000 strong student movement that, if mobilised, can meet any need in Malaysia & bring radical & lasting change - eg ending poverty. I wonder if we're bold enough to experiment - a national transformation project - together in 2011?! 

I'm suggesting a national gathering of Revolutionaries in KL next year - say between June 2nd to 4th - & would like your help to invite as many of your friends as possible to join us. Together we'll praise & pray... & pursue an "impossible" cause together with God's power. Revolution is a movement of generosity & force for good - a youth power that can change Malaysia

Revolution: Changing our nation one school at a time, and our schools one student at a time...with the love of God - through the people that have been changed by His love. Students coming together to love their schools. Schools coming together to love their communities. Communities coming together to love their cities. Cities coming together to love their countries...the world!

Imagine the young people in Malaysia coming together to love Japan...and helping to drastically bring down the suicide rate there... The list can go on and on as the emerging church in Malaysia reaches out - first in focused prayer, followed by faithful & obedient actions of love & sacrifice... 

If we can truly come together for Malaysia in 2011, then maybe by 2013, we can take on the world together - and by 2020, whether or not we would have become a nation that's developed, we would at least have become a nation that's made the difference...

With God all things are possible! Have we truly lived out this truth in our lifetime?! Every every nation... has the equal opportunity to. Let's not just wish...but work towards it. Let's at least try. I believe that we will one day fill stadiums with individuals who truly believe...and have the boldness to really make their one life count on earth for eternity!

(via Rev. Kenneth Chin)

Revolution 2011 - Revo Tour Stops :: See you there!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy 3rd Anniversary to Andy & Jay Yeoh!

September 15, 2010

3 years ago today, I married my best friend. Thanks for 3 amazing years & looking forward to more! Happy Anniversary
Jay Yeoh! You are simply the best!